Addition of Polling!

In order to improve the quality of the website, I have introduced polling to the menus on the right side of the website. The polling will be random (it will cycle between all the currently running polls) and they will change each visit or each page visit, so please visit often if you wish to participate. I think this will be a great way to garner feedback on peoples impressions of the website and possibly add new features or change existing features as I get feedback.

For example ad placement and overall website design are the two current polls I have up. I am very interested in peoples interpretation of the advertisement on the site. This whole website design is new to me, so that is why I wanted to garner feedback from visitors to see what I could do to improve visitors experience when visiting this website because I want the experience to be the best it can be and I want the information displayed in the posts and the ads to be beneficial to visiting customers as well. I also want to promote an atmosphere of participitation and customer interaction, including easy feedback from visitors that is beneficial to both of us.

For example, the ads I have from Amazon are all items that you could use as a new puppy owner and they are all items I have myself used for my dogs. Since I shop a lot from Amazon, I put a search window up for Amazon so if a visitor sees something they like they can do an instant search of Amazon for a product instead of having to go to Amazon and then do a search. Also, if you are an avid user of Amazon, feel free to do a search from here so I get credit for your search and even purchase 🙂 I think that feature is pretty nifty, but then I am also a gadget geek so that would probably explain why I like it so much. The other ads on the site are served from Google Adsense. They are all designed based on your personal browser history, so they can be anything you might be interested in. I like that because it gives a little personalization to your visit.

I know that ads are not the most exciting thing on the internet, but clicking on them does help me cover the cost of the hosting for this site, which I wish was cheaper, but honestly this day and age, every little bit helps. Since the site is up 24/7 and we only sell puppies once, maybe twice a year, this little trickle of advertising helps and I want to thank you for taking the time to click advertising links if you see one that interests you. You obviously don’t have to purchase it, but the clicks help.

As for appearance and performance. I have found that I need to optimize the images I use on the website because it appears that the site is using the high resolution images instead of compressed images. So over the next few days I will be revamping the images to compress them so performance of the website should improve. I determined this from the performance indicators from Google Adsense actually, so the ads also helped me determine how to improve overall website performance which will make the site load faster, especially on mobile phones and tablets.

I hope the updates on the website are not distracting. I just want to make sure visitors know what is going on in the background and that I am working on performance and design and advertising relevance to visitors.

Thanks again for visiting our site.


I also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that has committed to purchasing a puppy from this litter and to those on the waiting list. Your business is appreciated and I hope that we can stay in touch and you have many years of enjoyment from your new family members! This is by far the best breed of dogs on this planet, in my humble opinion.

Thanks again!

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