Author: Mitchell Tuckness

I am a big electronics fan. I have been using and fixing computers for many years. I also do photography, astronomy, lawn care and my biggest love of them all, Coton de Tulear's and breeding them! I fell in love with the Coton de Tulear the first time I saw one and that was on TV! I had been considering getting a dog for many many years, but i just never saw a breed that fit what I was looking for and when I saw this breed and all the benefits to them, I instantly knew what I was going to get and I fell in love from there. After that, I started to research the breed and breeding them and then mentored under a Coton breeder of over 20 years experience. That is the best thing I ever did. I have learned so much and become so involved in the Coton community.


So last night I knew something was up. I got into bed and all the dogs got in their usual positions, except Windy. She insisted in cuddling up right under my chin and my chest, wanting belly rubs and cuddles. Needless to say, I didn’t get any sleep. I sat up with her all night until her water broke around… Read more →

Always Stay

Remember, your pet is a family member and should be loved till then end.   Original Article Link   A “broken-hearted” vet has revealed how frightened pets search for their owners who have chosen to leave the room when they are put down. In a viral social media post, the anonymous vet wrote that animals “don’t understand why you left them” in… Read more →