Welcome Annie. She is our newest breeding female Coton!

Please welcome Annie as our newest breeding female coton! When it comes to a breeding age female it is a rare treat indeed to find one as smart, energetic and loving as Annie is. Annie is a 2 1/2 year old Coton de Tulear. She is the essence of the Coton de Tulear breed. She is a tiny, lovely little well mannered dog. Annie comes from a long line of Champions and has been obedience trained with over 15 different commands. She loves water, swimming and agility games like fetch, jumping and chasing other dogs! I can’t express enough how such a sweet bitch she is and she just loves people, other dogs and is absolutely fascinated with cats. She just can’t stop following our cat Midget around and she likes to jump up on everything just like the cat does. The only safe place he has to hide is on the bathroom sink 🙂

Annie loves to play in the water and she loves to play fetch. In fact, she loves to play in the water so much that every Thursday is play with the hose day and she makes the best of it let me tell you. It works perfectly because Friday is groomer day and what knots we can’t get out after playing in the water, if there are any, they groomers take care of just fine. We are blessed because her hair is the perfect texture and is very easy to brush compared to some other Cotons, a true blessing.

Annie comes to join our family from Sandee’s Cotons and has a very impressive lineage and we are very excited to have her join our family. We believe we think that she will be a wonderful mother. She has all the traits to be one. Energetic, attentive, smart and very loyal which are all excellent traits in a breeding aged female. A lot of times there are mothers and then their are excellent mothers and just from her personality we think she will fit into the excellent mother category.

So once again, please welcome Annie to our family!


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