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Hello and welcome to the Pure Heaven Cotons Guest Book!

First off we would like to thank you for visiting our little corner of the Internet. With the advent of the Internet, global communication, competition and freedom of information has become a global reality. We have visitors from all around the world and that just shows the popularity of this breed, even though it is a rare breed and we are interested in our visitors hence the guest book page. An amusing fact; I have yet to have a Veterinarian that I have taken my Coton’s to the first time know of this breed’s name! Luckily Vet’s are quick studiers 🙂

The Coton de Tulear is a special breed.

Not only because it is found around the world. But it is a breed that has evolved through natural selection, which is really rare for most modern breeds. Luckily, it is a breed that is established on multiple continents, constantly OFA health tested by all ethical breeders and as such should be researched, both the breeder and the breed, before you consider purchasing one.

Guest Book

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If your breeder doesn’t provide you with health testing from experts; beware! With that said, I wanted to welcome you to our little corner of the world.

Please sign our guest book and leave us a message! We love to hear from perspective buyers or just people passing through! Give us some information where you are from. How did you found us? Do you like the website? What additional information you would like to see posted? We would also love to hear about your interest in the breed of the Coton de Tulear. Are you just looking for a dog to purchase in the future? Or are you just looking at this lovely breed? Are you interested in getting a Coton de Tulear?

Anything you would like, just let us know and we will do the best we can to provide that in the future.

Guest Book

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!

Thank you once again for your support. We appreciate your patronage.

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