New Spam Filtering System


Due to the number of bots on the internet that attempt to automatically post comments and send emails via the contact form et cetera; Pure Heaven Cotons now uses a system called CleanTalk.



This is a fantastic service since it is transparent to the end user. Which means no unreadable CAPTCHA’S to enter when commenting or having to try and guess what they say so you can fill out a form or comment or leave reviews of products! This product/service also gives me reports, statistics and many other options that I wouldn’t normally have and it gives me the ability to manage blocked, allowed and unknown contacts. As an administrator this is wonderful, because it also allows me to create white lists to allow known email addresses or valid email addresses that were initially blocked by the service.

Another nice feature is that it doesn’t really cost a lot of money, so while it is not free, I believe it is worth it because it reduces the frustration for the end user (no CAPTCHA’S) and reporting and tracking for me.

This is a much better means of stopping the hoards and easing the burden on the customer. This is a great service and so far I am extremely happy with it’s performance and their tech support is fast and knowledgeable and able to resolve issues extremely fast of which I appreciate. Unless you run a website and/or a business online, it’s hard to understand how some of this stuff can be extremely annoying to figure out and when there is an issue with a plugin it’s nice to get fast, knowledgeable support.

As always, thanks for your patronage here at Pure Heaven Cotons.






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