PHC Online Store Now Open!

I have been working on setting up a small online store here on the website to sell supplies I find helpful to own. From puppies to adults, I will be selling products I have used and feel are worth having around the house.

As an odd hobby of mine, in my spare time of course, I also make all natural homemade soaps. I started making them because I wanted to have soaps without all the chemicals large companies put into their soaps to make them lather more or smell better and they moved away from natural options that cost more but are healthier for our skin, to artificial chemicals that cost less. I have gotten so much praise for them that I decided they would be a good item to sell from this store, so I will put them up in the PHC Store as I make them and people can purchase if they desire!

All of the soaps are made here, using all organic ingredients. It takes time for some of these soaps to cure, so I will not list them until they are ready to be shipped. I always welcome questions, so feel free to ask if you have any.

The store doesn’t have much now, but it is a work in progress and I do plan on adding to it as I can and I make new items and acquire more stock.

As always, i will work to improve the site as I can and I hope you enjoy the information provided here!

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Mitchell Tuckness

Pure Heaven Cotons


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