On October 5th at 1PM Annie started having her puppies. She had Five puppies over a 3 hour period. We had minor difficulties with the first set of pups. The labor went on for over 3 hours so we took her to the vet. On the way to the vet she had a partial birth of the first puppy. I arrived at the vets shortly after and I was able to get her into the vets and had the puppy finished birthing. It looks like the first two pups tried to come out at the same time! So we pulled the next one out and away we went.

After 5PM TX time and an x-ray later we realized that there was still one pup left, but it was very far back. So we gave her a shot of Ocytocin and hopped that she would have it soon. But alas the puppy was not delivered until 11 hours later, stillborn. We mourn for the loss of the little puppy, but we are happy happy that Annie had another 5 healthy and happy puppies! She is such a good mom!

I will post updates as I can. I tried to get the Puppy Cam to work, but alas, it looks like the camera took a dive so I will have to try and replace it when I can, I am so sorry! I know a lot of you like to watch the puppies when you can.

Thanks you all for the prayers!

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