Windy had a litter of 4 boys Saturday starting at 7:31AM (the first puppy). I knew something was up that night because she was hugging me tight all night and licking any part that wasn’t under a blanket and getting her belly rubbed constantly. Finally I got up and went to help her up on the bed when I noticed her water had broke. By then she ran over to my pillow and started to have her first pup. I was scrambling to get blankets setup and gloves on and gave up on trying to get her to go to the proper place I had all setup for her. I think I am going to give up on a birthing location, since every litter ends up being delivered on my bed, no matter what I do. I can even carry them to the birthing location and they will run back to the bed with puppies hanging out, OK I jest on that last one, a little 🙂 But they will get back to the bed.

So I delivered, helped deliver, the first puppy (which is around a week early mind you) and it was a tiny little thing at 3.8oz. But he was healthy, after we cleaned him off he was screaming and already mobile (as fast as he could wiggle). So I let him weasel around trying to find a nipple. He didn’t have much luck.

About an hour later she started having her second puppy. I moved the first to a little crate with a heating pad and helped her have the second one. This one was a lot bigger, at 5oz! So out he came, clipped the umbilical cord and cleaned him up, put both back with Windy to see if they could nurse while we waited for the next. About an hour later the 3’rd puppy arrived in the same fashion, also 5oz! Windy is a small little thing so I figured she was done. So I put the puppies out and let them work on finding a nipple to nurse on. About 3 hours later I noticed that Windy was still pushing, but nothing was coming out. I felt around and didn’t feel anything so I started calling Vets. Mind you it is now past 12AM, 4 hours after the last birth and Windy is looking like she is in labor still. So I take her out to see if she can go potty before packing everyone up and heading to the vet. She goes, I take her back in and call the Vet giving him a time on when I will arrive and as I am talking to him, out pops the 4th puppy! I was ecstatic! Now I knew she was OK and not having a complication. So this one took a little longer to get howling, but he came around and at a whopping 4.8oz!

So over six hours Windy had 4 boys, all white and all healthy!

I have the puppy cam up and active. The image is a little off color because there is an Infra-Red lens on it, so the colors are washed out, totally normal. You can follow the link here and cick on the image to get a larger one.

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