So last night I knew something was up. I got into bed and all the dogs got in their usual positions, except Windy. She insisted in cuddling up right under my chin and my chest, wanting belly rubs and cuddles.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any sleep. I sat up with her all night until her water broke around 5:15 AM. She proceeded to have her first puppy at 5:24 AM. A little white female. At 5:56 AM she had two white boys, back to back, they might actually be twins they were less than a minute apart in delivery.

Windy did fantastic, she’s such a good mother. She’s curled up on the bed nursing the pups and trying to get some semi-sleep. I would love to get some, but I am going to have to get her moved to her area soon which is always fun since she’s my shadows, shadow!

Windy & Chopard (Montague) Puppies

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