Puppies are almost walking!

Windy’s puppies have opened their eyes and they are now on the move, as a kind of belly paw walk 🙂 But they are getting their. I figure in a few days they will be up and at it and following us everywhere we go. I better put my chew slippers on because my toes can’t handle the teeth crunching!

Thank you for all the inquiries on the puppies. I have added people to our waiting list that wanted for our next litter, but these puppies are all sold already.

I have to say that these puppies are absolutely gorgeous and I cannot be happier with Windy as a first time mother. She is doing fantastic. She is starting to want out more often for adult time, which is fine and then I just put her back after a while so she can clean and feed them. Here are some pictures of them for those that didn’t see them on our Facebook page.

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