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Windy came into heat a couple weeks ago and was bred. We are awaiting with baited breath to see if she got pregnant or not. We are hopeful. Her last bunch of all boys were absolutely lovely. Here is a picture of one of the little boys, not so little anymore but lovely and handsome as can be! We are… Read more →


Windy had a litter of 4 boys Saturday starting at 7:31AM (the first puppy). I knew something was up that night because she was hugging me tight all night and licking any part that wasn’t under a blanket and getting her belly rubbed constantly. Finally I got up and went to help her up on the bed when I noticed… Read more →

Temperature Chart

Hi Everyone! So it’s getting close to Annie’s time. We started taking daily temperatures of which we started on September Second and the temps so far are dropping as the time gets closer and are on schedule. So here are her temperatures since September Second: September Second100.3 AM Reading     100.3 PM Reading September Third100.3 AM Reading     100.3 PM Reading September… Read more →