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Puppy Pictures!

I thought I would post some of the numerous puppy pictures I have taken of them over the last week. Mostly, the pictures are of the little cuties laying around sleeping as that is what they do 90% of the day, but they are adorable little cherubs when they do it. So with that, here are a few of them… Read more →

Temperature Chart

Hi Everyone! So it’s getting close to Annie’s time. We started taking daily temperatures of which we started on September Second and the temps so far are dropping as the time gets closer and are on schedule. So here are her temperatures since September Second: September Second100.3 AM Reading     100.3 PM Reading September Third100.3 AM Reading     100.3 PM Reading September… Read more →

Socializing Your New Puppy

Puppy Start Right: Foundation Training for the Companion Dog (Karen Pryor Clicker Book) Socializing your new puppy is the best investment you can make in your new friend. A properly socialized dog will make your life and your dogs life pure joy compared to situations where a poorly socialized dog can become frustrating because the owner doesn’t understand why their… Read more →